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    Researchers and Students from Lublin University of Technology Pioneer Future Vehicles

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    Lublin University of Technology’s academic community is initiating the implementation of the “Research Platform for Optimization Methods in the Lifecycle of Modern Vehicles” project. This venture focuses on developing a tangible platform for researching optimization methods for the construction of contemporary vehicles using computer simulation techniques.

    Simulation Technology for Efficient Optimization

    The use of computer simulations stands out as one of the most effective optimization methods. Creating a digital twin of a car allows researchers to virtually test it on roads, undergo collision simulations, and analyze its performance from production to disposal. This technology facilitates time and cost savings, streamlining production processes.

    Insights from the Project Leader

    Project leader Dr. Jacek Czarnigowski emphasizes that the goal is to achieve maximum results with minimal effort. Computer simulation-based optimization accelerates project work and significantly reduces costs compared to creating physical prototypes for testing.

    Project Timeline and Stages

    The project, set to conclude by June 30, 2025, comprises four stages: developing the research platform’s design, constructing the physical research platform, creating the digital research platform, and formulating optimization construction methodologies.

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