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    Revitalizing the Old Bydgoszcz Canal: Shedding Light on Historical Hydrotechnic Marvel

    The Old Bydgoszcz Canal, dating back to 1773-1774, stands as a testament to Poland’s waterway engineering heritage. Initially conceived during the reign of Stanisław August Poniatowski, the project gained momentum with the plans of cartographer Franciszek Florian Czaki in 1766. However, due to political upheavals, it was Prussian King Frederick II who executed the vision based on Franz Balthasar Schönberg von Brenkenhoff’s design in 1772.

    Preserving History

    The 26.7 km canal with ten wooden locks represents a significant historical artifact. Efforts are underway to designate it as a heritage monument, a crucial step toward UNESCO World Heritage recognition.

    Illuminating the Past

    QLAB Laboratory of Light has crafted a lighting concept to illuminate the canal’s locks, enhancing their beauty and facilitating nighttime appreciation. Visualization of the proposed illumination schemes provides a glimpse into the project’s potential.

    Looking Ahead

    This initiative is part of a broader revitalization effort aimed at preserving and showcasing the canal’s heritage. Consultations on further revitalization plans, including the canal’s surroundings, are scheduled to commence before summer.

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