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    Revival of Prestigious Medical Innovation Competition Prix Galien in Poland

    Prestigious international innovation competition Prix Galien returns to the Polish market after a five-year hiatus. Led by renowned figures in the field of science, the Prix Galien jury is chaired by Prof. Dr. Cezary Szczylik. The awards ceremony will be accompanied by presentations from Polish and international scientists at the inaugural Galien Forum.

    The Return of Prix Galien to Poland

    After a five-year hiatus, the prestigious Prix Galien competition makes its comeback in the Polish market. Led by Prof. Dr. Cezary Szczylik, a panel of distinguished scientists will oversee the evaluation process, marking a significant moment in the field of medical innovation in Poland.

    A Rich History of Innovation

    With a legacy spanning over 50 years, Prix Galien has been a hallmark of modern medicine globally, often likened to the Nobel Prize in its significance. This revival in Poland signifies a renewed commitment to recognizing groundbreaking advancements in medical research and technology.

    Celebrating Excellence in Healthcare

    The Prix Galien awards will be presented across eight main categories, ranging from pharmaceuticals to digital innovations. Additionally, the Pro Bono Humanum award will honor individuals or organizations making significant contributions to healthcare in Poland.

    Galien Forum: A Platform for Exchange

    In conjunction with the awards ceremony, the Galien Forum will provide a platform for scientists and innovators to engage in discussions and share insights. This inaugural event aims to foster collaboration not only within Poland but also on an international scale.

    Honorary Patrons and Global Reach

    The event has garnered support from esteemed patrons, including the Marshal of the Polish Senate and the Minister of Science and Higher Education. Furthermore, Prix Galien’s international reach extends to countries across Europe, the Americas, and Africa.

    Driving Medical Innovation Forward

    As Prix Galien returns to Poland, it reaffirms the country’s commitment to driving medical innovation and recognizing the individuals and organizations at the forefront of healthcare advancement.

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