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    Right to Conscience Under Attack: Polish Government Targets Pro-Life Doctors

    Recent statements from figures such as Donald Tusk and Michał Szczerba regarding abortion have sent shockwaves through the medical community, with many seeing them as blatant attempts to intimidate doctors who uphold their right to conscience. The ominous stance taken by these politicians threatens to penalize medical professionals who refuse to perform procedures that violate their deeply held beliefs.

    Government Threatens Pro-Life Doctors: Intimidation Tactics Spark Controversy

    During a recent meeting of the Civic Platform’s National Council, Prime Minister Donald Tusk declared, “Every refusal to perform the procedure (of abortion – ed.) will be reported to the prosecutor’s office. From now on, prosecutors will be obliged to investigate why someone endangered the life and health of a woman, rather than why someone decided to save the health or life of a woman.” Tusk’s remarks, made on March 8th, have sparked a heated debate, with many commentators accusing him of intimidating doctors.

    Echoing Tusk’s sentiments, Michał Szczerba, a member of the Civic Coalition, further exacerbated tensions by suggesting that doctors who object to performing abortions should not be employed in hospitals funded by the National Health Fund (NFZ). In an interview on Polsat News’ “Śniadanie Rymanowskiego,” Szczerba asserted, “If it’s on the gynaecological ward of a public hospital financed by NFZ, then no (he should not have the right to refuse to perform an abortion – ed.). He should choose another hospital where his conscience clause will be respected.”

    Defending Medical Ethics: Legal Experts Rally Against Government Coercion on Conscientious Objection

    These statements have drawn swift condemnation from legal experts, including Magdalena Majkowska, a lawyer from the Ordo Iuris Institute, who characterized them as attempts to intimidate doctors exercising their right to conscientious objection. Majkowska emphasized, “Every gynaecologist dismissed for refusing to perform an abortion can count on legal assistance from Ordo Iuris.”

    The looming threat of legal action against pro-life doctors casts a chilling shadow over the medical profession in Poland. By coercing medical professionals to act against their conscience, the government is not only trampling on fundamental freedoms but also endangering the ethical fabric of healthcare. The right to conscientious objection is a cornerstone of medical ethics and must be vigorously defended against political coercion and intimidation tactics.

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