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    Right-Wing Politicians Demand Justice for Father Olszewski: Allegations of Torture Spark Outcry

    Today, in a press conference, Michał Wójcik of Suwerenna Polska announced that a formal complaint would be filed with the prosecutor’s office regarding the appalling treatment of Father Michał Olszewski. “We are filing a complaint with the prosecutor’s office today. Furthermore, we are heading to the Ministry of Justice to meet with Prosecutor General Adam Bodnar or Deputy Minister Maria Ejchart to thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding Father Olszewski’s detention and imprisonment,” Wójcik declared.

    Disturbing Testimony from Father Michał Olszewski

    Two days ago, a harrowing account from Father Michał Olszewski surfaced, detailing the abuses he has endured while in custody over alleged involvement in a scandal related to the Justice Fund. His letter reveals horrific conditions: denial of water and restroom access, humiliation, exposure to mockery, being woken up by lights, and prolonged handcuffing, among other degrading treatments.

    Right-Wing Politicians Take a Stand

    United Right politicians voiced their outrage and commitment to seeking justice for Father Olszewski at a press conference. “We are shocked by the details we learned regarding the arrest and detention of Father Michał Olszewski, who is currently in temporary custody. The decision to extend his detention was made by a former minister in Donald Tusk’s government, now a judge. Despite our requests for his recusal due to the clear political context, he chose to extend the temporary detention. The letter revealed by the media shows that Father Michał Olszewski is being tortured,” Wójcik stated.

    Appeal to International Bodies and Legal Authorities

    “Yesterday, a letter was submitted to the UN Committee on the Torture of Prisoners. Today, we are filing a complaint with the prosecutor’s office. Moreover, we are heading to the Ministry of Justice to meet with Prosecutor General Bodnar or Deputy Minister Ejchart to fully understand the circumstances of Father Olszewski’s detention. As parliamentarians, we cannot allow such repression to exist in a democratic state,” Wójcik asserted.

    A Call Back to Dark Times

    MP Sebastian Łukaszewicz drew a stark comparison to historical injustices, recalling, “Communists tortured the blessed Father Jerzy Popiełuszko, and now this government is leading to the torture of Father Olszewski. This hatred towards the church, rooted in the previous system, is resurfacing not only in this outrageous case but also in other incidents, such as the removal of crosses from public offices. If the contents of this letter are true, we are facing an unprecedented scandal, as Article 30 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland speaks of human dignity that public authorities should protect.”

    Political Prisoners in Poland?

    Michał Moskal stated, “Today, once again, we are witnessing a situation where we have political prisoners in Poland. Individuals who are to be arrested and then sentenced in political trials without any factual basis. Detention is not a punishment; it is a precautionary measure. The actions against Father Michał Olszewski, such as denying food, waking him at night, and depriving him of sleep, are classic torture methods. No threats from Donald Tusk will stop us from speaking out loudly and openly.”

    Right-wing politicians have made it clear that they will not rest until justice is served for Father Michał Olszewski. The abuse allegations have sparked a significant outcry, with calls for thorough investigations and accountability for those responsible.

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