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    Road spikes stop a Polish woman speeding along the wrong way up a German motorway 

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    The Kia driver was driving the wrong way up the A20 in Germany for 100 km. At times she was even driving 210 km/h on the speedometer. The police tried to stop her, but she ignored all signals. She was only stopped when the officers deployed road spikes. It turned out that it was a Polish woman aged 37 who was behind the wheel.

    The Polish woman, driving a Kia, entered the wrong lane of the A20 motorway at 7.45 a.m. on Sunday near the town of Pasewalk. The police received calls from terrified drivers. Police cars went in pursuit of the road hog. Nevertheless, the woman, driving in the direction of Lübeck, paid no attention to either the blue roof lights, the sound signals or even the signs given through the window with hands.

    The motorway was closed, and other cars were diverted to national roads. The speed camera showed at Altentreptow that the Kia had 210 km/h on the speedometer.

    Unstoppable fugitive

    It was not until 100 km further on that the police managed to stop the woman, only because road spikes had been laid out on the roadway. The 37-year-old’s frantic driving continued until 08:23.

    It is unclear why the Polish woman ignored the police cars chasing her. She was not drunk and no drugs were found in her blood.

    She will be called to account for exposing others to a traffic hazard. German police seized her car and banned her from driving in the country.

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