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    Robert Karaś: Pushing Boundaries in the Gruelling 10-Time Ironman at Brasil Ultra Tri 2023

    Polish triathlete Robert Karaś is poised to make history as he competes in the gruelling 10-time Ironman, showcasing exceptional prowess in the swimming discipline. Currently participating in the Brasil Ultra Tri 2023, the 34-year-old athlete has established a significant advantage over his fellow competitors.

    Karaś has carved a niche for himself in ultra-triathlons, having secured world championships in the two-, three-, and five-times Ironman distances. Last year, the Polish athlete captured the nation’s attention when he made a valiant attempt to break the world record in the 10-time Ironman during a competition in Switzerland. Despite an impressive performance, Karas was compelled to withdraw from the event due to severe health issues.

    Robert Karaś Shines in the Brasil Ultra Tri 2023: Remarkable Swimming and Cycling Achievements

    According to an Instagram post, Karas’s swimming leg was nothing short of remarkable, completing it in less than 9 hours and 45 minutes. Following this feat, he swiftly transitioned to the cycling course, consisting of 240 loops covering a distance of 7.765 kilometres each. Favoured by pleasant weather conditions, including an absence of rain and a temperature hovering around 20 degrees Celsius, Karas is now resolute in pursuing the goals he had set for himself last year as he competes in the Brasil Ultra Tri 2023, which commenced on Saturday in Polish time.

    Robert’s Unyielding Journey: Triumphs in Swimming and Cycling with Extraordinary Determination

    After an incredible 27 hours of relentless effort, Robert continues to push forward. With daytime temperatures consistently above 25-26 degrees Celsius, he took a 45-minute sleep break during the night. 

    Throughout the day, Robert picked up speed, averaging 13-14 minutes per lap, while slightly slowing down during the night. Supported by his remarkable mental and physical condition, Robert’s entire team is in high spirits. 

    The days in Brazil are noticeably shorter, with the sun setting once again. Robert predominantly rides in the dark, maintaining an impressive average speed of around 31 km/h, everything is progressing according to plan. As the fatigue increases after sunset, the team plans to take another sleep break with Robert. He is starting to feel some discomfort in his lower back and muscles due to general fatigue. Remarkably, the distance he has covered so far doesn’t seem to faze him mentally at the moment.

    Among the participants in the race are two other Polish athletes. Jurand Czabański closely trails behind Karas, while Rafał Godzwon currently occupies the third position. As the cyclists near the end of the ride, they will face an arduous 422 kilometres of racing ahead of them, testing their endurance and resolve.

    results of the 10-Time Ironman at Brasil Ultra Tri 2023 // screenshot // 12:22 UTC/GMT +2

    ➡️ You can check the live results here

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