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    Robotic Arena XVI: Where Innovation and Passion Collide

    The sixteenth edition of Robotic Arena, held at Wrocław University of Science and Technology, witnessed over a hundred robots battling across various categories. The competition, open to enthusiasts of all ages, showcased the ingenuity and creativity of creators, including children as young as a few years old.

    A Global Gathering of Robotics Talent

    Competitors from Azerbaijan, the Czech Republic, Spain, Lithuania, and Italy joined the event, attracting thousands of spectators. According to Adam Przystupa, the PR coordinator, the competition comprised sixteen challenging categories, including combat and sumo across different weight classes, as well as line following robots.

    Preparation for the event often took months, with some designs honed over years. The competition not only served as entertainment but also as a networking and recruitment opportunity for tech industry representatives.

    Inclusive Participation and Learning Opportunities

    Participants ranged from young children to seasoned veterans, reflecting the diversity and inclusivity of the competition. Alongside the battles, the event offered workshops on robotics, 3D printing, and game design, providing attendees with hands-on learning experiences.

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