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    Royal Hall in Legnica: A Jewel Regained

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    Restored to its former glory, the Royal Hall in Legnica boasts a rich history and intricate Baroque décor. Measuring 367 square meters, the hall is adorned with elaborate stucco work, showcasing late Baroque floral motifs on walls, ceiling, and window recesses. Crafted by renowned Berlin sculptor Albert Kretzschmar, the stucco features putti symbolizing the four seasons, day and night, and allegories of art and science.

    Central to the hall is a portrait of Emperor Wilhelm II, encased in a stucco frame with the imperial monogram and crown. The 18th-century fireplace, now grandly framed, displays the Legnica coat of arms and a bronze relief of St. George. Despite facing damage during Soviet occupation (1945-1978), the hall was meticulously restored in 2015.

    Today, the Royal Hall hosts the Legnica Cantat Choral Festival and Legnica Organ Conversatory. From classical concerts to festive gatherings, it continues to echo with the melodies of renowned musicians, reclaiming its status as a cultural gem.

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