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    Russia to deploy nuclear weapons near Belarus’ border with Poland and other NATO states

    “The weapons will be moved to the western border of our union state and will increase the possibilities to ensure security,” said on Sunday the Russian Ambassador in Minsk, Boris Gryzlov.

    Last week, Moscow announced plans to deploy nuclear weapons on Belarus, claiming it was in response to the delivery of arms and ammunition containing depleted uranium to Ukraine by the United Kingdom.

    Moscow has plans to deploy weapons in the western part of Belarus. Gryzlov did not reveal the exact location of the weapons storage facility but stated that it would be finished by July 1 as per a request from President Vladimir Putin.

    Belarus is located between Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland, all of which are part of the NATO Eastern flank.

    In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, NATO has increased the number of troops and military equipment in the region. U.S. President Joe Biden has expressed his concern over the potential deployment of tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus, calling it a “worrisome” situation.

    On Friday, President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus stated that his country would be open to allowing Russia to deploy intercontinental nuclear missiles if needed, according to Reuters.

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