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    Russian Missile in Poland: Ukrainian Media Report it Flew Where German Patriots Were Deployed

    According to findings from the Ukrainian portal Defence Express, the possible debris of a Russian missile that entered Polish airspace was searched for in an area where German Patriot missile systems were stationed until recently. This suggests that the actions of the Russian Federation might have been deliberate and may not only continue the escalation of tensions but also serve as a practical assessment of the air defense capabilities of NATO countries, as pointed out by the portal.

    On Friday, just before 11 a.m., the Operational Command of the Armed Forces announced that an unidentified airborne object entered Polish airspace from the Ukrainian border earlier that morning. From the moment it crossed the border until the signal disappeared, it was tracked by radars. “Everything indicates that a Russian cruise missile intruded into Polish airspace and then left. We have national and allied radar confirmation for this,” said General Wiesław Kukuła, Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces, on Friday after a meeting at the National Security Bureau.

    Coincidence or not?

    According to the Ukrainian Defence Express portal, the rocket flew over an area where German Patriot systems were stationed until recently. As reported by the portal, the Germans revealed the system’s location in November 2023 as they were leaving Polish territory.

    “The German Patriot units left the Zamosc area in November, and a month later, a Russian cruise missile was detected flying over the region,” writes Defence Express.

    The Ukrainian portal refers to the findings of, which indicates that the missile wreckage was sought, among other places, in the Komarowo-Osada and Wólka Łabuńska regions. also informs that near Zamość, there is a small base used by U.S. forces – Zamość-Mokre airport, which the U.S. 82nd Airborne Division allegedly utilized.

    “These factors raise questions about whether directing the missile through this part of Poland was a deliberate action by the Russian Federation. Apart from increasing the tension, it could have a practical implication aimed at assessing the air defense capabilities of NATO countries,” writes Defence Express.


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