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    Sakiewicz: Tusk’s Political Gambit Under Fire

    Tomasz Sakiewicz’s recent commentary sheds light on the turbulent landscape of Polish politics. The heavy-handed tactics employed by the police during Wednesday’s farmer protests in Warsaw not only reveal internal discord within the ruling coalition but also pose a threat to its support base ahead of the local elections.

    Coalition Disarray: A Blow to PO

    Sakiewicz suggests that Donald Tusk, since assuming power through a complex coalition, has been systematically sidelining his partners. By alienating the Left and now antagonizing farmers traditionally aligned with the Polish People’s Party (PSL), Tusk risks fracturing his own coalition.

    While the police crackdown may dent Civic Platform’s (PO) image, Tusk could attempt to leverage the situation to rally urban voters, who are increasingly disenchanted, to support PO in the upcoming elections.

    A High-Stakes Strategy

    Tusk’s strategy is not without risks. While attempting to consolidate support in urban areas, he risks further alienating rural voters. However, the potential gains in urban support could outweigh this risk.

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