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    Scandal Erupts as Polish Soldiers Arrested After Defending Border

    Polish soldiers stationed at the border have been arrested under controversial circumstances, sparking widespread outrage. The incident, which took place between late March and early April in Dubicze Cerkiewne, involved a group of approximately 50 aggressive immigrants attempting to breach the Polish border. Despite firing warning shots, the soldiers faced imminent threats to their health and safety, leading them to fire several rounds into the ground, successfully dispersing the attackers.

    Former chairman of the Parliamentary National Defense Committee, Michał Jach, has criticized the government’s handling of the situation. In an interview with, Jach expressed his disbelief over the arrest of soldiers who were performing their duty under dangerous conditions. “It is a global scandal to arrest soldiers risking their lives at the border. Equally outrageous is the lack of legal support provided to them, leaving them to fend for themselves,” Jach stated.

    The soldiers, young men around 30 years old, were detained by the Military Police after their defensive actions. This incident only came to light two months later, contrasting starkly with recent assurances from former Prime Minister Donald Tusk, who had visited the border and pledged support for the soldiers.

    Jach did not mince words, questioning the integrity of the government and highlighting the lack of intervention from the Minister of National Defense and the Prime Minister. “This situation shows the government’s true stance towards its citizens. The Minister of National Defense, Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, bears full responsibility for this scandal. If he cannot ensure basic legal protection for his subordinates, he is unfit for his position,” Jach asserted.

    He also condemned the actions of the prosecution, pointing out that arresting soldiers at their post during duty is shocking. “What were these soldiers supposed to do? Surrender and wait to be murdered by these bandits?” he added.

    Jach concluded with a stark criticism of Tusk, suggesting that his actions are not in Poland’s best interest. “I have no idea what motivates these people, but it is certainly not the interest of Poland,” he remarked.

    The controversy continues to unfold, raising serious questions about the government’s treatment of its military personnel and the overall management of national defense.

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