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    Search Continues for Suspected Child Killer Despite Loss of Diver

    The search for Grzegorz Borys, the man suspected of killing his six-year-old son, took a tragic twist when a search and rescue diver lost his life. The 27-year-old diver, part of the Specialised Water and Diving Rescue Group ‘Gdansk’, was pulled unconscious from a body of water near Lipowa Street during the intensive search operation concentrated in the Tricity Landscape Park, situated between the Gdynia districts of Karwiny and Chwarzno.

    The discovery of Borys’ son’s lifeless body on October 20 in the coastal city of Gdynia sparked a widespread manhunt for the fugitive father, who has been on the run since. Despite the devastating incident involving the diver, law enforcement officials have vowed to persevere in their efforts to locate and apprehend Borys.

    Commander Karina Kaminska, the spokesperson for the Gdynia police, expressed their determination, stating, “Despite the tragedy that happened on Wednesday, the death of a diver from the Specialised Water and Diving Rescue Group ‘Gdansk’, we are not stopping the search for Grzegorz Borys.”

    The search operation has seen an unprecedented collaboration between approximately 1,000 officers from the Police, Military Police, Fire Brigade, and Border Guard. The focus remains on the Tricity Landscape Park, where authorities believe Borys may be hiding.

    Despite the immense challenges and the loss of a dedicated diver, the collective resolve of the law enforcement agencies involved remains unyielding as they continue their relentless pursuit of justice for the innocent victim and closure for the grieving family.


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