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    Second day of the European Economic Congress in Katowice

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    The European Economic Congress in Katowice was full of meetings and lectures on its second day, April 25. Yet, the EEC Startup Challenge remained one of the crucial highlights on the agenda. The much-awaited announcement of the list of winners ensued, marking a significant moment for the event.

    The European Economic Congress (EEC) held its annual Startup Challenge, where innovative startups from Poland and beyond competed for recognition and funding. This year’s event saw a diverse range of entries, including projects in finance, renewable energy, and waste management.

    The jury was tasked with evaluating each startup’s potential for growth, impact, and scalability. They carefully deliberated and finally announced the winners: the first place went to the Polish startup, Meavision, which developed a system that uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to detect and prevent collisions between drones, birds, and other objects in the airspace.

    The second prize went to German startup Prewave, which uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict supply chain disruptions, such as delays, price changes, or quality issues, to help companies optimize their operations.

    The third prize was awarded to Polish startup Sentom, which has created a platform that enables farmers to optimize their use of pesticides, resulting in significant cost savings, and reducing their environmental impact.

    The winners’ success stories inspire other entrepreneurs and underline the significance of innovative solutions for a better future. The EEC Startup Challenge is a vital platform that supports startups’ growth and brings together investors and entrepreneurs to accelerate progress in various industries.

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