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    Sener Polska to Contribute Advanced Technology to ESA’s Comet Interceptor Mission

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    Sener Polska contributes groundbreaking technology to ESA’s Comet Interceptor mission, developing fifteen Ground Support Equipment devices for in-depth comet research.

    Sener Polska will play a key role in the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Comet Interceptor mission, focusing on the study of long-period comets arriving from distant space. As part of this technologically advanced project, the team at Sener Polska will construct fifteen Ground Support Equipment (GSE) devices and a separation mechanism for the probe from the satellite.

    The mission, scheduled for 2029, aims to launch a satellite into space to await the appearance of such comets, enabling in-depth research into their composition. Under a contract from OHB Italy, Sener Polska’s GSE will include a versatile trolley, a container for transporting space equipment, a specialized lifter, and a probe unloading device—a more extensive set than in previous missions. This signifies a significant milestone in Sener Polska’s history, reflecting the trust placed in their capabilities by the mission integrator.

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