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    Series of Fires in Poland: Wasteland Ablaze in Swietochlowice

    Residents of many Silesian cities are witnessing a column of black smoke rising into the sky. A significant fire broke out in Swietochlowice, prompting immediate action from emergency services.

    On Thursday, May 16th, around 10:00 AM, a fire erupted in Swietochlowice. The thick black smoke is visible even from neighboring cities, and emergency services are currently on the scene.

    Unofficial sources suggest that the fire originated on the unused lands of ArcelorMittal, likely involving waste materials. The spokesperson for the Silesian Provincial Fire Department, Brigadier Aneta Gołębiowska, confirmed that the situation is under control.

    “The situation is under control,” Golebiowska stated. She added that the fire occurred at a waste storage site, though not the entire area was engulfed in flames. Approximately five fire brigades are involved in the intervention efforts.

    The rapid response has helped to contain the blaze, ensuring it does not spread further. Authorities continue to monitor the situation closely to prevent any escalation.

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