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    Sharing Bethlehem Peace Light: A Symbol of Hope and Unity in Poland

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    In a tradition spanning borders, the Bethlehem Peace Light will reach Poland today, handed over by Slovak scouts to the scouts of the Polish Scouting Association. The ceremonial transfer will take place during the 8:30 am mass at the National Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima in Zakopane. This year’s theme for the event is “Let’s Make Peace.” The flame, originating from the Grotto of the Nativity, symbolizes hope, brotherhood, and peace, passing through an international relay.

    With over 105,000 scouts, the Polish Scouting Association ensures the light graces every Christmas table in Poland. Departing for their respective towns, the scouts will disperse the light across the country. Under the banner of “Bethlehem Gathering,” scouts in Zakopane have been participating in various activities since Friday. In adherence to tradition, they will deliver the Bethlehem Peace Light to the President, Marshals of the Sejm and Senate, the Prime Minister, and various organizations.

    Bethlehem Peace Light: A Flame of Unity

    In a heartwarming tradition, the Bethlehem Peace Light arrives in Poland, passed from Slovak to Polish scouts. The ceremony unfolds in Zakopane’s National Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima at 8:30 am. This year’s theme, “Let’s Make Peace,” resonates as scouts, numbering over 105,000, carry the flame to every Polish Christmas table. Following tradition, scouts will present the light to key figures and organizations. In Zakopane, the “Bethlehem Gathering” fosters scout camaraderie, echoing the flame’s message of hope and unity.

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