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    Shining Example: Remove the Reflectors from Christmas Trees

    The initiative “Shine Bright with Reflectors” kicked off on December 4th. This marks the ninth edition of the preventive educational campaign organized jointly by the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Warsaw and the Municipal Police of the City of Warsaw. This year, Christmas trees adorned with colourful reflectors have sprouted in 35 locations across the capital. These reflectors will hang on the trees until December 8th.

    Community Engagement Shines: Reflective Tree Decorations Embrace Safety Initiatives

    During this year’s campaign, similar to previous years, everyone will have the opportunity to remove a reflector hanging on a Christmas tree and take it for themselves or their loved ones. Decorated trees with reflectors will also be displayed by all district offices and numerous institutions that have engaged in the initiative. The natural spruce Christmas trees were provided by the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Warsaw.

    The first of these “reflector” trees stood in front of the main headquarters of the Municipal Police of the City of Warsaw at 43/45 Młynarska Street. Students from the fourth classes of the Grażyna Bacewicz State Music Schools adorned these trees with multi-coloured reflectors. The youngest attendees also listened to a brief lecture prepared by municipal guards about how to ensure their safety after dark and took part in a competition for the most creatively displayed reflective elements.

    Enhancing Pedestrian Safety: Reflectors Illuminate the “Shine Bright” Campaign

    The “Shine Bright with Reflectors” campaign has an informative and preventive character. Its goal is to reduce the number of accidents involving pedestrians by raising awareness and preventing the issue of their low visibility, both within and outside urban areas. Pedestrians are the least protected participants in road traffic. Their involvement in an accident often ends tragically. The use of reflectors increases a pedestrian’s visibility by over five times: up to 130-150 meters. Such a distance often allows a driver enough time to react. Remember that a reflective element on a hand, leg, piece of clothing, backpack, or purse, as well as on a bicycle or scooter, can save a life by reflecting light.

    The organizers of the initiative are the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Warsaw and the Warsaw Municipal Police. Media patronage for the event has been undertaken by Radio Plus.

    Christmas trees adorned with colourful reflectors have been placed in front of the district offices of the City of Warsaw, MPWiK, the Automobile Club of Poland, MZA, ZTM, the Jednym Śladem Foundation, Poland Bike, the Regional Blood Donation and Blood Treatment Center, and the Kamienica Theater. Representatives of these institutions will continuously add these unusual decorations to the Christmas trees.

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