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    Sienkiewicz’s Team Disbands TVP World. Editorial Team to Leave Studio and Newsroom Overnight

    Recent reports indicate that the TVP World project, an English-language channel of TVP, is currently being dismantled. The editor-in-chief of the station, Filip Styczyński, has been dismissed, and employees reportedly received emails instructing them not to come to work at TVP World.

    During the events related to the attempted takeover of state media by Culture Minister Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz’s appointees, the TVP World signal was also shut down. TVP World, established in 2018 (under the name TVP World since 2021), is an English-language, 24-hour news channel of the Polish Television (TVP). The channel was available in many locations worldwide, and since June 2023, it was also accessible for free on the Polish Television’s website.

    Experts, immediately after the TVP World signal was cut, defended the channel, emphasizing its importance in reporting on the Russian aggression in Ukraine and conveying the voice of Central and Eastern Europe to the world.

    On social media, information surfaced that the channel is being “disbanded” by the new ruling team.

    Michał Rachoń stated that Filip Styczyński, the long-time director of the station, was ousted from TVP World, and the new TVP World studio was taken over by “Teleexpress.”

    In a statement on Twitter, Styczyński expressed his gratitude to his team.

    On the TVP World Twitter account, a post was made after 9:00 PM, announcing that all channel activities would be suspended until mid-January.


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