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    Slovakia Faces “Extremely Dangerous” Situation Amid Foreign Agents and Threats to Officials

    Slovakia is facing an “extremely dangerous” security situation, with high-ranking officials citing the presence of active foreign agents operating within the country. This alarming development comes on the heels of numerous threats directed at constitutional officials and politicians, who are now under heightened protection, according to Interior Minister Matusz Szutaj Esztok.

    Heightened Security Measures

    Minister Esztok reassured the public that the authorities are taking robust measures to ensure the safety of both officials and citizens. “Constitutional officials and politicians who have received threats in recent days are protected,” he confirmed. He emphasized that security services will not stand by idly as hate speech proliferates on social media, warning that online anonymity will not shield those spreading such rhetoric.

    In response to the threats, security has been intensified in key areas. Shopping centres, hospitals, administrative buildings, and media offices are now under strict surveillance to thwart potential attacks.

    Juraj C. Not a “Lone Wolf”

    A new line of investigation has been launched by the police following the recent attack on Prime Minister Robert Fico. Initial findings suggest that the assailant, Juraj C., did not act alone. Operational data indicates that the content on Juraj C.’s social media accounts was erased post-attack, a task beyond his or his wife’s capabilities, implying external assistance.

    Further investigation revealed that Juraj C. had discussed his plans within his social circle, indicating a broader conspiracy. This has led security officials to consider the possibility of a network of operatives involved in the attack.

    Foreign Influence and Media Attention

    Pavol Gaszpar, head of the Slovak Intelligence Service (SIS), expressed concerns that Slovakia may have become a fertile ground for foreign intelligence activities. He noted the increased security risk and the aggravating effect of international media attention. Gaszpar referred to a deadly attack at Charles University in Prague in December 2023, which resulted in 14 deaths and reportedly inspired similar plots in Slovakia. One such plot targeting a hospital was successfully thwarted.

    Gaszpar suggested that foreign agents might have been involved in encouraging and facilitating the attack on Prime Minister Fico.

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