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    Soccer Hooliganism Mars ‘Silesian Derby’ at Stadion Śląski

    After the highly anticipated Silesian Derby between Ruch Chorzów and Górnik Zabrze, which saw Górnik triumph 2-1, the aftermath revealed significant damage at Stadion Śląski. With over 38,000 fans in attendance, including approximately 2,000 away supporters, the match was marred by incidents of violence and vandalism.

    Stadium Vandalized After Silesian Derby

    The post-match inspection revealed extensive destruction primarily in the away supporters’ section. Toilets were left in ruins, with doors torn off their hinges, WC cabins demolished, and even tiles ripped from the walls. Additionally, the entrance to the server room was forcibly opened, resulting in damaged equipment and torn cables.

    Ruch Chorzów, accustomed to playing away from home due to stadium renovations, now faces the aftermath of hosting a derby. With their home stadium already decommissioned, plans for its demolition and reconstruction loom ahead. The incident underscores the ongoing challenge of hooliganism in football culture.

    Authorities are currently assessing the extent of the damage and the financial implications for both clubs and the stadium management. Meanwhile, Ruch Chorzów continues to navigate the challenges of playing ‘home’ matches away from their traditional grounds.

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