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    Social Security Administration’s Preparation for 13th Pensions Payout

    The Social Security Administration in Poland is gearing up to disburse thirteenth pensions, ensuring timely payments for retirees and pensioners. With the first payout scheduled for April 1, including those falling on the Easter Monday holiday, recipients can anticipate receiving their additional benefits before Easter.

    Automatic Allocation

    Recipients are set to receive the thirteenth pension automatically, equivalent to the minimum pension amount of 1780.96 PLN gross. No application is required, as the Social Security Administration will allocate it alongside regular benefits.

    Payout Schedule

    Thirteenth pensions will be disbursed alongside basic benefits on the 1st, 6th, 10th, 15th, 20th, and 25th of each month. Payments are adjusted to ensure arrival before scheduled dates, even if it falls on a non-working day.

    Special Cases

    Recipients with specific payout dates in April will receive their thirteenth pensions earlier, ensuring they have the funds before their regular payout dates.

    Final Thoughts

    For those receiving benefits from multiple sources, such as ZUS and KRUS, the Social Security Administration will handle the thirteenth pension payout. Additionally, various additional yearly monetary benefits are available to qualifying individuals.

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