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    Sofia Ennaoui with Poland’s indoor 1000m record

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    Sofia Ennaoui ran a remarkable 1,000 metres at the Birmingham World Indoor Gold Tour and placed third with a remarkable time of 2:35.69. This result beat the 20-year-old national record held by Lidia Chojecka.

    The winner was Great Britain’s Laura Muir (2:34.53), while Claudia Bobocea of Romania was second (2:35.35). 

    “Birmingham: 1000 – 3rd Sofia Ennaoui 2:35.69 Poland’s record! (1st Laura Muir 2:34.53, couldn’t hold the pace for the world record),”

    Athletics News reported on Twitter.

    “Polish indoor record improved after nearly 20 years by more than a second! As of today, it stands at 2:35:69,”

    Sofia wrote on Twitter.

    The previous indoor Polish record over this unusual distance belonged to Lidia Chojecka, who clocked 2:36.97 in Lievin on 23 February 2003.

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