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    Soldiers Invite Civilians to Free Military Training Sessions

    The military is offering free training sessions every Saturday at two units across the country. Part of the fifth edition of the “Train with the Army” project, these sessions are eight hours long and include a range of activities. Participants can learn how to crawl with a rifle, load weapons, start fires, and use gas masks, among other skills.

    Running until July 13th, the training sessions are led by a diverse group of military instructors, including tank operators, territorial defense soldiers, paratroopers, sailors, and logisticians. Open to anyone aged 15 to 65, registration is simple, requiring just a name, age, and contact information. In addition to training, the program provides insurance, meals, and numerous adventures.

    The initiative has already attracted significant interest, with over 23,000 Poles participating in the previous four editions and one special edition. With four more Saturdays remaining in the current edition, this program continues to offer civilians a unique opportunity to acquire military skills and experience.

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