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    Son Accused of Father’s Murder: Shocking Details of the Tragedy

    Arkadiusz Ż., a 36-year-old resident of Złocieniec, has been charged with the murder of his father at the District Prosecutor’s Office in Drawsko Pomorskie. The suspect fired at least two shots from a pistol.

    The incident occurred on the night from Monday to Tuesday when Arkadiusz Ż. and his family were returning from a holiday gathering to their home on I Dywizji Wojska Polskiego Street in Złocieniec. Arkadiusz Ż. had a permit to possess three firearms, including a pistol from which he fired shots on December 26.

    He shot his father, claiming he thought it was an ‘unknown attacker.’

    Ryszard Gąsiorowski, the spokesperson for the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Koszalin, revealed the murder charge against 36-year-old Arkadiusz Ż. He stated that the suspect, brought to the District Prosecutor’s Office in Drawsko Pomorskie on Wednesday, did not confess to the alleged crime and refused to provide any explanations.

    A request for the temporary arrest of Arkadiusz Ż. for three months has been submitted to the court.

    The suspect maintains only that he was convinced he was being attacked by an unknown assailant, so he reached for the firearm he legally possessed. He used a pistol, but, as he claims, did not aim at anyone. These were supposed to be warning shots, said Prosecutor Gąsiorowski.

    He was intoxicated and under the influence of drugs

    The prosecutor’s spokesperson emphasized that other circumstances surrounding the incident, under investigation, do not indicate an attack on the suspect. It was found that Arkadiusz Ż. fired at least two shots at his father. “The victim was found with one wound in the chest area and another in the abdominal cavity. The man died on the spot,” said Prosecutor Gąsiorowski.

    Arkadiusz Ż. was arrested. According to Prosecutor Gąsiorowski, the 36-year-old was under the influence of alcohol at the time of his arrest, and drug tests yielded a positive result. The presence of marijuana was detected. Blood samples were taken from Arkadiusz Ż. for further analysis, and the results are not yet known. He faces a potential life sentence for murder.

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