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    Sosnowiec Police Bust Illegal Nile Crocodile Kept in Residential Home

    In a recent operation to combat economic crime, Sosnowiec police officers confiscated a Nile crocodile that was being illegally kept by a resident in a single-family home. The animal, which was discovered during a routine check, has since been handed over to the Poznan Zoo for proper care.

    Police officers made an unexpected discovery during their investigation. Upon arriving at a residence in the Pogoń district, they uncovered a startling truth: the resident was harbouring wild animals within their home. The officers were shocked to find that the animal in question was a Nile crocodile. The situation was quickly assessed and addressed, but the discovery serves as a reminder that even routine investigations can reveal unexpected and potentially dangerous situations.

    The reptile was in an extension to the garage belonging to the 54-year-old. In addition to him, uniformed officers found a second dead crocodile in the ‘pool’. The animal was taken away from its owner. With the cooperation of the Sosnowiec Police and the local Fire Brigade, the crocodile was caught by Zoo staff and taken to Poznan, where it was provided with proper conditions. 

    Proceedings are being conducted in connection with this incident concerning the possession and keeping of live animals of dangerous species, which carries a penalty of up to five years imprisonment.

    Due to the nature of the case, both the qualification and the scope of the case may change. Further action is currently underway to establish all the circumstances of the incident.

    Credits: Silesian Police Headquarters

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