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    Spreading Kindness: Celebrating Good Deeds Day on May 19

    On May 19, 2024, Poland celebrates Good Deeds Day, an event dedicated to altruism and spreading joy through simple acts of kindness. Founded by the ARKA Ecological Foundation in 2005, this day encourages individuals to positively impact people, animals, and the environment. 

    ARKA’s Mission for Education Garners Broad Support Across Sectors

    The initiative, driven by ARKA’s mission to promote ecological education and responsibility, especially among youth, has gained widespread support from businesses, institutions, and media outlets over the years.

    ARKA’s vision has inspired various sectors to participate, including notable contributions from Program 3 of Polish Radio and its journalists Grażyna Dobroń and Marek Niedźwiecki. 

    The Power of Collective Efforts: Ordinary People Making a Difference on Good Deeds Day

    The true strength of Good Deeds Day, however, lies in the collective efforts of ordinary people who engage in diverse activities such as donating to charities, helping neighbours, or participating in environmental cleanups. These actions, whether small or large, contribute significantly to creating a better, more compassionate world.

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