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    Spring Getaways: Polish Travelers Embrace Longer Stays

    Polish travelers opt for longer spring stays, with interest in May holiday accommodations rising. Mountain retreats and city breaks are top choices.

    Poland is abuzz with the excitement of spring as warmer weather prompts thoughts of spring getaways. Interest in May holiday accommodations is soaring, with reservations already at 75% of last year’s total. Hosts, particularly in mountainous regions, are optimistic as the length of May stays increases.

    Ideal Calendar Setup

    This year’s calendar layout favors spring enthusiasts, requiring just one day off work for a five-day getaway. With two additional days off, the May “weekend” extends to a nine-day vacation. However, data from suggests most travelers won’t fully utilize this opportunity.

    Optimistic Trends

    Reservations are longer and increasing daily, already reaching 75% of last year’s total on Despite last-minute decisions becoming more common, forecasts for travel patterns remain optimistic.

    Act Fast for Better Deals

    While guests currently have a variety of favorable offers to choose from, it’s advised not to delay reservations. As stays lengthen, so does expenditure, with the average booking value this year up by over 300 złotych compared to last year.

    Top Destinations

    Mountain destinations like Karpacz and Zakopane are the top choices, offering affordable accommodations. Cities such as Krakow and Gdańsk also attract travelers with reasonable prices and diverse attractions.

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