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    Strengthening Air Defense: Astral Knight 24 Exercise Unites Nations

    Astral Knight 24 (AK-24) marks a pivotal moment in multinational cooperation, as Poland, the United States, and Baltic nations converge for a joint air exercise.

    Enhancing Integrated Air and Missile Defense
    AK-24 focuses on bolstering the integration of Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) systems, fostering a robust command and control architecture in the Baltic region. Integrating multinational forces and IAMD assets, AK-24 employs Field Training Exercises (FTX) and Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) scenarios to simulate real-world situations.

    Key players like the 183rd Air Operations Group (AOG) and the Air Component Operations Center play pivotal roles, fostering integration capabilities and strengthening interpersonal ties. Astral Knight 24 stands as a testament to the collective commitment to regional security, paving the way for enhanced air defense capabilities and cooperation among allied nations.

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