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    Support for President Duda’s Decision to Form a New Polish Government Grows

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    In a remarkable show of unity, participants at the Extraordinary Congress of Gazeta Polska Clubs have voiced their unwavering support for President Andrzej Duda’s decision to entrust the mission of forming a government capable of safeguarding Poland’s independence and sovereignty.

    The appeal, published by the independent portal niezależ, underscores the Congress’s commitment to stand by President Duda and his resolute approach in these challenging international times. It reads, “The Extraordinary Congress of Gazeta Polska Clubs firmly stands with Mr. President and supports his decisive commitment to make a lawful, tradition-driven, and conscience-guided decision to entrust the mission of creating the Polish government, which will be capable of defending our homeland’s independence and sovereignty.”

    President Duda has scheduled meetings with representatives from various election committees on Tuesday and Wednesday. Notably, each committee will meet with the President separately, in the order of their election results, highlighting the importance of a thorough and inclusive approach.

    As announced by Presidential Minister Marcin Przydacz, the President will base his future actions on the analysis of these discussions, with a firm commitment to adhering to the constitutional timelines. The Polish Constitution outlines three possible steps for forming a government after elections.

    In the first step, the President plays a significant role by convening a joint session of the Sejm and Senate within 30 days of the election. During this session, the outgoing Prime Minister must tender their resignation, which the President must then accept. The outgoing government continues its duties until a new one is appointed.

    This pivotal moment in Polish politics has garnered significant attention and support, signifying the importance of upholding democratic principles and protecting the nation’s sovereignty. As President Duda navigates these deliberations, Poland’s future direction remains in the balance, awaiting the formation of a new government committed to preserving its cherished independence.

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