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    Surge in Female Military Recruits: Medical Graduates Lead the Way

    A record number of women have qualified for military service this year in Poland, particularly among those born between 1997 and 2005. The surge is attributed to a government decree targeting individuals with specific skills and education, with a notable presence of medical school graduates.

    Unprecedented Turnout in Małopolska

    In the region of Małopolska alone, over one and a half thousand women have received summons for military qualification, marking a threefold increase compared to previous years. According to Lieutenant Colonel Paweł Wójcik from the Central Military Recruitment Center in Krakow, this marks a significant departure from past trends.

    The surge in female enlistment underscores a shifting trend, with women now actively participating in traditionally male-dominated spheres of the armed forces. Nationwide, approximately 230 thousand individuals are expected to appear before medical review boards by month-end, primarily comprising men born in 2005.

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