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    Symbolic Arrest of a Priest on Holy Thursday

    Jarosław Kaczyński, the leader of the PiS party, addressed the media regarding the arrest of Father Olszewski on Holy Thursday. He emphasized the symbolic nature of the arrest, which targeted a clergyman on a significant religious day.

    Symbolism of the Arrest

    The timing of the arrest, coinciding with a day dedicated to clergy, raises questions about its symbolic intent. Kaczyński suggests this move is not just a legal action but a deliberate act with deeper connotations.

    Kaczyński argued that the arrest is a strategic element of socio-political manipulation. Despite unclear charges, he believes this event is part of a broader tactic to influence public perception. He further criticized the government, alleging that it is subservient to foreign interests. This arrest, according to Kaczyński, exemplifies the extent of external control over national decisions.

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