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    The 31st Sibiu International Theatre Festival Begins

    The 31st Sibiu International Theatre Festival has commenced in Romania, inaugurating with the play “The Employees” directed by Łukasz Twarkowski. Established in 1993 by Constantin Chiriac, this festival is one of the world’s leading theatre and performing arts festivals, ranking third after the Avignon Festival and the Edinburgh International Festival.

    “The Employees” by Łukasz Twarkowski

    “The Employees,” a production by Warsaw’s Teatr Studio, is based on a novel by Danish author Olga Ravn. Set in a futuristic spaceship, the play explores the lives of human and humanoid robot crew members, highlighting the bureaucratic absurdities they endure. Twarkowski’s innovative approach immerses the audience into this dystopian world, questioning the essence of consciousness and the human versus non-human dichotomy.

    “Arcadia” by Teatr KTO

    As part of the first-ever Poland-Romania Cultural Season 2024-2025, Teatr KTO from Krakow presents “Arcadia.” Directed by Jerzy Zoń and inspired by Tadeusz Różewicz’s poetry, this outdoor performance melds movement theatre and dance. Drawing from the classic motif of Arcadia, the play delves into themes of life, death, and human existence, resonating deeply with contemporary events like the ongoing war nearby.

    With over 550 events featuring artists from more than 70 countries, the Sibiu International Theatre Festival promises an extraordinary cultural experience.

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