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    ‘The Antique Dealer’s Granddaughter’ Joins the ‘Little Book – Great Person’ Campaign

    Discover how Poland’s ‘Little Book – Great Person’ campaign nurtures a love for reading among children with the latest addition, ‘The Antique Dealer’s Granddaughter.’

    In yet another commendable effort to encourage reading and promote literacy, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Book Institute have launched the 6th edition of the “Little Book – Great Person” campaign on October 25, 2023. Since its inception in 2017, this initiative has already distributed 5 million books to the youngest members of society, collaborating with maternity wards, libraries, and primary schools throughout the country.

    In this year’s edition, first-grade students in Polish primary schools will be presented with the book “The Antique Dealer’s Granddaughter,” authored by Justyna Bednarek and beautifully illustrated by Emilia Dziubak, one of Poland’s most accomplished illustrators.

    Minister of Culture, Prof. Piotr Gliński, highlighted the campaign’s role as a complement to the National Reading Development Program, which involves several institutions under the Ministry of Culture. The NPRCz, now in its second edition, represents an unprecedented investment in promoting reading, allocating over 1 billion PLN for initiatives like acquiring new books and upgrading library infrastructure.

    The “Little Book – Great Person” campaign is not only a success in Poland but has also garnered international attention. It has been presented at international book fairs, recently in Spain, and has distributed 5 million age-appropriate and well-crafted books for free.

    This year’s campaign features the book “The Antique Dealer’s Granddaughter” by Justyna Bednarek. The story follows Gabrysia, who, during a visit to her grandfather’s antique shop, discovers remarkable objects that hold memories of times past. Bednarek drew inspiration from family stories and the tales of friends, taking young readers on a journey into the past and emphasizing the significance of exploring one’s family roots.

    The “Little Book – Great Person” campaign, established in 2017, underlines the benefits of reading from the earliest months of a child’s life. It spans three stages – newborns (up to 3 years), preschoolers (ages 4-6), and first-graders (ages 7-9). Specially prepared Reading Starter Kits are distributed to 320 maternity hospitals, 6,700 public libraries with children’s sections, and 13,300 primary schools nationwide. The campaign aims to increase children’s participation in reading culture by encouraging them to use public and school libraries regularly.

    Under the motto “Do you care about your child’s development? Give them a love for books,” this year’s campaign continues to emphasize the importance of reading in children’s lives and nurturing a lifelong love for literature.

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