The Chałubiński Forest in Zakopane

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    Discover the Chałubiński Forest in Zakopane, a 1.406-hectare natural marvel, boasting the oldest mixed woodland in the Zakopane Valley. Explore its rich biodiversity and ecological significance.

    Nestled in the heart of Zakopane, the Chałubiński Forest stands as a natural monument, spanning 1.406 hectares across two private plots owned by the Chałubiński family. Situated at the confluence of W. Zamoyski and T. Chałubiński streets, this woodland treasure is a testament to conservation efforts and a haven for biodiversity.

    A Glimpse into History: The Oldest Mixed Forest in Zakopane

    The Chałubiński Forest, covering the foothills of Zakopane, is a time capsule of the region’s ecological history. Encompassing the oldest and best-preserved section of mixed forest in the Zakopane Valley, it offers a rare insight into the pristine landscapes that once dominated the area. Serving as a haven for diverse flora and fauna, it stands as a living legacy, meticulously preserved by the Chałubiński family.


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