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    “The Decalogue of Polish Affairs” Unveiled by Prime Minister Morawiecki

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    Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has introduced the “Dekalog of Polish Affairs,” a non-partisan government project that amalgamates elements from diverse political programs. Morawiecki emphasizes openness to ideas from competing parties, aiming to distill the most valuable components of various party platforms.

    Fiscal Innovation Across Parties

    The initiative incorporates proposals from different political entities, such as vacation-related reforms from the Polish People’s Party (PSL) and VAT payment adjustments post-invoice from Poland 2050.

    Key pillars for the next four years include strategic investments like the Central Communication Port (CPK), nuclear power plant construction, and the realization of a national housing program—a demand voiced by the Left.

    Raising the Income Bar

    While one proposal advocates for an average gross salary of PLN 10,000, economists view this as impractical in the current economic climate, prompting concerns from entrepreneurs anticipating higher costs.

    In collaboration with the Polish People’s Party, an alternative proposal suggests supporting new businesses with a start-up grant of PLN 70,000. The composition of the proposed government, integrating these diverse ideas, is set to be disclosed next week.

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