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    The Divide Between User Preferences and Server Locations in Poland’s Cyber Landscape

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    A recent study by JakWybrać unveils a significant disparity in user preferences and the actual server locations of websites visited by Polish internet users. While 65% of respondents desire their data to be stored within Poland, only 49% of websites they visit have servers within the country.

    Global Hosting Trends

    Beyond Poland, popular hosting locations include Canada (15%), the United States (8%), Germany (7%), the Netherlands (6%), and the United Kingdom (4%). These findings underscore the global nature of the internet, where national borders play a diminishing role.

    European Influence on Hosting

    Approximately 68% of websites visited from Poland are hosted within the European Union, highlighting the digital significance of the EU market. The remaining 32% are hosted outside the EU, showcasing the diverse content available to Polish users globally.

    Mismatch in Expectations

    Despite 65% of users preferring data storage within Poland, the study reveals a contrast, with 51% of data actually hosted outside the country, including 32% beyond the EU. This suggests a notable misalignment between user expectations and the current state of affairs.

    Expert Insight on Server Location

    Mateusz Mazurek from JakWybrać emphasizes the importance of server proximity for faster website loading. Users are less likely to engage with slow-loading sites, impacting online behavior and even SEO rankings.

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