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    The End of Gas Heating: EU Parliament’s Bold Move Towards Green Buildings

    In a landmark decision, the European Parliament has ushered in a new era for energy-efficient buildings. With stringent regulations set to take effect, gas heating systems are facing extinction.

    The Era of Zero Emissions: A Paradigm Shift in Building Standards

    From 2030 onward, all new residential buildings must meet zero-emission requirements. By 2050, this mandate will extend to existing structures, marking a decisive step towards sustainability.

    Farewell to Fossil Fuels: A Turning Point in Energy Policy

    The phase-out doesn’t stop at gas boilers; funding for fossil fuel heating installations will cease by 2025. Member states are tasked with devising action plans to gradually eliminate fossil fuels from heating and cooling systems, with a target to eradicate them entirely by 2040.

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