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    The Great Water: A Testament to Resilience and Justice

    The Reckoning Project and the Laboratory of Public Interest Journalism invite you to the first full screening of Anna Tsyhyma and Hanna Mamonova’s documentary, “The Great Water.” The film marks the anniversary of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Plant explosion. After the screening, there will be a discussion with the creators and protagonists.

    A Tragic Event

    On June 6, 2023, Russian forces detonated the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Plant dam. Thousands of cubic meters of water from the Kakhovka Reservoir flooded dozens of villages and towns, prompting government-mandated evacuations. Tsyhyma and Mamonova documented the relentless efforts of State Environmental Inspectorate representatives in Kherson, who gathered evidence of this war crime.

    Event Details

    Date: June 28, 19:00
    Location: Atlantic Cinema, Chmielna 33, Warsaw
    Registration: Register Here

    The Aftermath and Investigation

    As the floodwaters engulfed Kherson, Maksym retrieved bodies, while Svitlana and Valentyna tested water for toxins. Oleg assisted residents in securing drinking water. These inspectors, working under fire, collected crucial evidence of ecocide alongside the Prosecutor General’s Office.

    About The Reckoning Project

    The Reckoning Project: Ukraine Testifies is an international initiative by journalists, researchers, analysts, and lawyers collecting evidence of war crimes in Ukraine. By combining storytelling with legal accountability, they strive for justice and truth amidst Russia’s invasion.

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