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    The Kremlin’s Approval of Kołodziejczak’s Presence on Tusk’s Electoral Registers Sparks Controversy

    The Kremlin has expressed satisfaction with the inclusion of Michał Kołodziejczak on the electoral registers of the Polish opposition, specifically on the lists of the Civic Coalition led by Donald Tusk. The move has sparked both curiosity and concern, as it highlights the intricate relationship between political affiliations and international dynamics.

    EADaily, a prominent media outlet known for its alignment with Kremlin interests, has dubbed Kołodziejczak a “Putin sympathizer” for joining the “Polish” opposition ranks. The publication’s stance, however, is raising eyebrows not just within Poland but also across international circles. EADaily’s characterization of Kołodziejczak as a “Putin sympathizer” underlines the intricate interplay of politics and diplomacy in the modern era.

    Kołodziejczak’s political journey takes an interesting twist as he positions himself as a representative of Polish farmers and aligns with the Civic Coalition. This move has garnered attention from the pro-Kremlin portal, which labels him as the “leader of Polish farmers.” The portal’s emphasis on Kołodziejczak’s role in organizing mass protests against the PiS government’s decisions underscores his influence within the agricultural community.

    Donald Tusk’s announcement that there is a place for Kołodziejczak on the electoral registers within the Civic Coalition has prompted further analysis. Hanna Shen, a journalist from “Gazeta Polskiej Codziennie” residing in Taiwan, captured the essence of these concerns in a tweet. 

    “Civic Platform (PO) has already advocated pragmatic trade and economic cooperation. It was under its rule that in 2012 when the preferential border traffic between the northern voivodeships of Poland and the Russian Kaliningrad Oblast began to operate. Current clinical Russophobes from Warsaw fear that after coming to power, PO leader Donald Tusk will resume contacts with the authorities of the Russian Federation,” Shen quotes the EADaily text

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