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    The largest robotic competition in Poland – XChallenge 2022

    The largest robotic competition in Poland – XChallenge 2022 has started at Rzeszow’s Podpromie Arena today. The event brings together three competitions – Task Hunters, Smash Bots and ROBO~motion.

    The Task Hunters competition is organized for high school students only. The task of up to 10-person teams is to restart the power plant with the help of special energy cubes and power balls that was unexpectedly shut down. The participant’s task is to collect the energy cubes with a 50x50x100cm remote-controlled robot in a 15×15-meter arena.

    However, it will not be easy – the arena is equipped with mazes and obstacles that must be avoided or moved.

    Then, the Smash Bots is a competition open to spectators and intended for everyone – there is no age limit. Deadly robots weighing 40kg equipped with a wide arsenal ranging from circular saws to torches and flamethrowers will fight to the death in an enclosed arena.

    On the same day, along with the Smash Bots, there will also be ROBO~motion competitions designed to verify the skills and designs of the robots prepared by the competitors.

    Autonomous robots will face each other in 15 different competitions, for example, racing, dragging an opponent’s robot with a rope, battling in sumo arenas or collecting red onions from the board.

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