The National Agricultural Exhibition and Harvest Festival in Częstochowa

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Poland boasts over 500 exhibitors from across the country, showcasing everything from cutting-edge agricultural technology and knowledge exchange to the final farm-to-table products. The National Agricultural Exhibition, combined with the Jasnogórski Harvest Festival, is currently underway in Częstochowa, and it’s an event worth celebrating.

The rural landscape in Poland is undergoing a transformation, and alongside tradition, collaboration with institutions, investments, and legal protection for Polish farmers are gaining prominence. At this exhibition, visitors can marvel at state-of-the-art agricultural machinery, sample healthy and delicious farm-fresh food, and seek expert advice from seasoned agricultural professionals. Marek Dziubek, Director of the Silesian Agricultural Advisory Center in Częstochowa, emphasizes the significance of this event as a platform for knowledge enrichment, experience sharing, and cultural immersion.

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The exhibition booths are spread across the parking lots of Jasnogórska and along the Third Avenue of the Virgin Mary. The exhibition enjoys the honorary patronage of President Andrzej Duda.

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