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    The oldest arboretum in Poland is located in Lipno

    Read about the arboretum in Lipno, a historical botanical gem in Opole with rare flora and a rich history.

    Once part of the Śląska Przesieka forest separating Lower and Upper Silesia, Lipno Park was established in 1782 by Jan Nepomucen Karol Praschma. The park’s initial planting included two Virginia junipers, now among the oldest and tallest in Poland.

    Decline and Preservation

    Post-WWII, Lipno Park saw a decline in plant species, from 135 in 1952 to 95 in 1977. Today, it is managed by the Tułowice Forest District, covering 4.18 hectares.

    Modern-Day Oasis

    Lipno Park, located in the warmest area of Opole with an average annual temperature of 8.6°C, shelters diverse flora from North America, Asia, and Southern Europe. The park boasts impressive collections of azaleas, rhododendrons, and one of Poland’s oldest giant arborvitae.

    Significant plants include the American tulip tree, sweetgum, and Japanese katsura. The park is also home to rare fungi like the fringed earthstar.

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