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    The Polish Border Guard acquires holographic sights for HK 416 Rifles

    The Polish Border Guard has recently procured a set of holographic sights, which will serve as additional equipment for the HK 416 rifles already in possession of the formation. The total value of the order amounts to PLN 750,000.

    Among the acquired sights is the Eotech EXPS 3.0 holographic sight, which is significantly superior to traditional collimators due to its method of projecting the aiming reticle. This model represents the highest offering by the manufacturer. The sight features 20 brightness settings, including options suitable for night vision shooting, and utilizes unique hologram technology as the aiming point. In case of damage or smudging on the glass, the reticle will still be displayed on the undamaged portion of the lens. The reticle has been designed for quick target acquisition. An outer circle with a diameter of 68 MOA allows for rapid reacquisition of the reticle after changing targets. The central 1 MOA reticle size works perfectly with magnifiers. The universal reticle enables shooting at various distances without the need for adjustments. When set at a distance of approximately 50 meters, the central 1 MOA reticle will also coincide with the point of impact at 200 meters.

    The new sights were delivered to the formation last week. This is not the first purchase of such sights, as they can be mounted on all rifles currently in the possession of the Polish Border Guard, including the Beryl 96C, Grot-MSBS, and HK 416 rifles, among others.

    The acquisition of these holographic sights demonstrates the Polish Border Guard’s commitment to equipping its personnel with cutting-edge technology. By enhancing the aiming capabilities of the HK 416 rifles, the Polish Border Guard aims to improve accuracy and effectiveness in their operations. The Eotech EXPS 3.0 holographic sight’s advanced features and versatility make it a valuable addition to the Border Guard’s arsenal.

    The Polish Border Guard continues to prioritize investments in modern equipment and technology to ensure the safety and effectiveness of its personnel. As the new sights are distributed and integrated into the existing inventory, the Polish Border Guard anticipates enhanced operational capabilities, further strengthening its mission to protect the nation’s borders.

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