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    The Polish National Statistics Day

    Marking the inaugural Census on Polish lands, March 9, 1789, holds historical significance as it witnessed the enactment of the first General Census by the Four-Year Sejm.

    Two centuries later, on December 2, 2008, the Polish National Statistics Day was established during a meeting of the Committee on Statistics and Econometrics of the Polish Academy of Sciences. This day serves to underscore the vital role of statistics in public life and to honor the diligent efforts of statisticians.

    Acknowledging Expertise

    Statistics form the backbone of evidence-based decision-making, guiding policies, and shaping societies. Behind the curtains of data lie the meticulous work of statisticians, economists, and researchers, whose dedication fuels the engine of progress.

    From tracking demographic shifts to assessing economic trends, statistics provide invaluable insights into the dynamics of our world. They enable governments, businesses, and individuals to make informed choices, fostering transparency and accountability.

    Towards Informed Governance

    In an era defined by data abundance, the importance of statistical literacy cannot be overstated. By fostering a culture of data-driven inquiry, societies empower themselves to navigate complexities and address challenges effectively.

    As we commemorate the Polish National Statistics Day, let us reflect on the enduring legacy of statistical inquiry. May this celebration serve as a reminder of the power of numbers to illuminate pathways towards a more informed and equitable future.

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