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    The Polish Scouting Association and the Peace Light of Bethlehem

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    On December 11, representatives of the Polish Scouting Association received the Peace Light of Bethlehem from Slovak scouts. Polish scouts will take them to their hometowns. This year, symbolically the Bethlehem Light of Peace will light up Ukraine first.

    The Polish Scouting Association is the largest youth organization in Poland with over 100,000 members. For over 100 years, ZHP has been supporting the development of children and youth, shaping a proactive attitude and enabling the acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary in adult life.

    Thanks to the involvement of over 12,000 volunteer instructors, the association offers not only unique scouting trips but also various extracurricular activities that take place throughout the year. Cultivating values such as friendship, adventure, development and citizenship make scouting respond to both the current needs of young people and the challenges of the modern world.

    Once again, the Peace Light of Bethlehem will be passed on Caritas candles. These are two unique actions that accompany millions of Poles in their preparations for Christmas.

    “You have received the Peace Light of Bethlehem today. Now that there is war in Ukraine, we need courageous young people like never before, who will turn the fire of war into the Light of Peace. Give this symbol of brotherhood, peace and friendship to anyone who wants to accept it.”,

    said the Head of the Polish Scouting Association, Martyna Kowacka.

    The Peace Light of Bethlehem is a symbolic fire lit up at the Cave of Nativity in Bethlehem. It symbolises warmth, love, peace and hope.

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