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    The Quest for a Professional Ski Jumping Center in Zagórz

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    In Zagórz, a small town in southeastern Poland, nestled under the Sanok hills, a passionate community dreams of transforming their local ski jumping facilities into a hub for aspiring athletes. Currently, Zagórz boasts three ski jumps – K10, K20, and the largest, K40. These facilities have played a crucial role in nurturing talents like Adam Ruda, but they fall short of the requirements for international competitions by the age of 13.

    Local skiers face the dilemma of traveling long distances to access proper training facilities, leading some to abandon their dreams. Despite dedicated coaches and supportive parents, Zagórz struggles to secure the funding needed to expand its infrastructure. The vision includes a larger K70 or K80 ski jump that would attract international competitions and elite skiers.

    While hopes are high, there is skepticism about whether these aspirations will be more than just campaign promises. Zagórz shares its struggles with Lubawka in southwestern Poland, where a K85 ski jump has remained unused since 2016. The ski jumping community eagerly awaits political support and financial backing to turn their dreams into reality.

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