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    The Silesian Zoological Garden’s Mini Zoo Concludes Operations, Embracing Conservation Measures

    The miniature animal sanctuary, which forms a part of the Silesian Zoological Garden, is bringing its operations to a close due to recommendations urging a departure from the practice of breeding domesticated creatures within zoological gardens.

    Traditionally, the diminutive menagerie, accessible to visitors in the month of May, will not see its gates open this year. The European Association of Zoos and Aquariums has advised a shift away from the rearing of tamed animals in favor of nurturing and safeguarding endangered species, declared Daria Kroczek, the spokesperson for the Silesian Zoological Garden, in a statement to the Polish Press Agency (PAP).

    In addition, the zoo management announced that the mini zoo was in need of refurbishment. “Our petite zoo has been operational for several years, but its infrastructure has long surpassed its prime, and the wooden components necessitate a costly overhaul,” conveyed the zoo in an official statement. “We will allocate our funds towards the renovation of other enclosures housing endangered species,” the spokesperson added.

    In order to meet the recommendations of the European Association of Zoos, the Silesian Zoo will no longer invest in farm animals and will focus on the protection of species threatened with extinction. However, the animals will remain in the Silesian garden.

    “You will be able to see them on various catwalks. They will be provided with the right conditions so that they can stay with us until the end”, Daria Kroczek told PAP.

    Why such a decision?
    The European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA) has been recommending abandoning the breeding of domesticated animals in zoos for several years in its recommendations. This recommendation is supported by the argument that zoos should focus on breeding endangered animal species. Farm animals, although attractive to the youngest visitors, are not endangered species. The more that in the area you can find other facilities where such animals are presented.
    Our Mini ZOO has been operating for several years. Its infrastructure is past its heyday, and the wooden elements require expensive renovation. Allocating part of our budget to the renovation of the Mini Zoo would mean that we would not be able to modernize other enclosures inhabited by animals threatened with extinction.
    We hope that our guests will understand the decision to liquidate this exhibition. We want to carry out our mission in the best possible way and ensure the proper welfare of animals. Hence the need to make a decision to liquidate the Mini ZOO.
    All animals that used to live in the Mini ZOO will stay in our garden and will be provided with appropriate living conditions.

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