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    The Unforgettable Telewizja Republika Gala: Celebrating Values, Sensitivity, and Culture

    The second edition of the “Wartości I Wrażliwości” (English: “Values and Sensitivities”) Gala organised by Telewizja Republika is behind us. During this unique event, which aims to emphasise the importance of fundamental values, empathy, and care for the world around us, the Wartości I Wrażliwości 2023 awards were granted. The evening was honoured by a performance of the iconic Polish artist Halina Frąckowiak. 

    The gala was opened by Tomasz Sakiewicz, president of the Telewizja Republika. He also presented the station’s latest autumn programme. 

    A unique item on the Gala programme was the presentation of the Wartości I Wrażliwości 2023 Awards.

    This year’s Values Award went to the Catholic Association of the Disabled of the Archdiocese of Warsaw (KSN AW). It is an organisation that has been helping people with disabilities, their parents and carers for 25 years. KSN AW creates opportunities for disabled people to integrate into society and creates and runs facilities providing a comprehensive rehabilitation programme for people of all ages, from earliest childhood to late old age. 

    From the hands of Magdalena Balkowiec, deputy editor-in-chief of Telewizja Republika, the award was received by Łukasz Owczarek, president of the Association. 

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, on behalf of the participants, residents, parents and staff of the Catholic Association of the Disabled of the Archdiocese of Warsaw, we thank you from the heart, for this beautiful award. We are truly honoured. We, as disciples of Father Stanislaw Jurczyk, continue his work. KSN AW is a large organisation where the human being comes first. For us, the Catholic ethos is one of respect, integrity and openness. We realise this in 10 facilities, helping every day so that this socio-occupational rehabilitation is at the highest possible level,”

    Owczarek said. 

    The Sensitivity Award was presented to the Blessed Anicet Koplinski Capuchin Foundation, which for many years has been helping the poor and homeless by providing daily meals, cultural workshops and psychological support. These activities are possible thanks to the work of more than 100 volunteers and the help of many people of goodwill.

    The award was received by the President of the Foundation, Katarzyna Tsiantos. The statuette was presented by Sylwia Serwańska, deputy editor-in-chief for journalism at Telewizja Republika. 

    “From the bottom of our hearts, Father Peter and I wanted to thank you for this incredible award. We did not expect such an honour. It means a lot to us. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank first and foremost our volunteers, thanks to whom we manage to cope with this hard work every day. And also our donors, of whom there are many and who have been with us for many years. The Capuchin Foundation is a home for all those who need it. Not only for the homeless but also for the elderly, the abandoned, and the lonely. Because with us, in addition to soup and bread, they also get spiritual care from the Capuchin Fathers,”

    said Tsiantos.

    The winner of the Values and Sensitivity Award was Mikołaj Pawlak, Ombudsman for Children. The award was presented by Adrian Stankowski, editor of Telewizja Republika. The Minister was honoured for his services to the protection of children’s rights in Poland. Among other things, it was on his initiative that a 24-hour helpline was set up, and family law was reformed to protect the youngest from paedophilia. 

    “I usually appear where already institutions, the justice system, or simply we adults, parents, those who should be authorities, fail. […] It is my aspiration and such a dream that, what has been successful over the last years, that is, the restoration of the authority of the parent, the restoration of the authority of the teacher, should go towards the fact that we should bring up children to be righteous people, because this will be our greatest capital for the future. Once again, thank you very much for this wonderful award,”

    said Pawlak. 

    The special evening of this year’s Gala was graced with a concert by one of Poland’s most popular artists, Halina Frąckowiak. The repertoire did not lack cult songs such as “Bądź gotowy do drogi,” “Tam, gdzie lekkie wieje wiatr,” “Małe jezioro” or “Dancing Queen.” 

    During the Gala, Halina Frąckowiak was honoured with the highest distinction of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, the gold medal ‘Meritorious for Culture Gloria Artis’.

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